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Overloaded Trucks May Cause Catastrophic Accidents: Paul Dansker

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 3:30 AM

Overweight and overloaded trucks pose a very serious danger on our nation's roadways. When a truck has more weight than it can safely carry, stopping is much more difficult, and the truck is much more likely to get out of control when swerving to avoid a collision or an animal in the road. Overloaded trucks can damage the brake and steering system of the truck. An overweight truck is an accident waiting to happen, and when trucks are involved in accidents, the results can be catastrophic and deadly due to their massive size and weight.


Trucking Laws and Weigh Stations

Trucking laws determine how much weight a certain commercial truck can carry, how heavy the load can be, what the combined weight of the load and the truck can be, how much weight can be on each axle, and how much weight can be on the tires. The amount of weight is not the only factor to be considered. How the weight is distributed on the truck is also very important to truck safety as distribution of the weight also affects how the truck handles.

We have all probably seen signs on bridges and under/overpass indicating the maximum weight allowed or the maximum height that can be cleared. These warning signs cannot be ignored as they are there to prevent damage and/or collapse of the structure.


Weigh stations are set up all along the highways in the United States and serve as checkpoints where trucks are supposed to stop, get weighed and get inspected. Weigh stations will check for truck and load weight, illegal cargo, falsely reported cargo, and compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) laws. If an overweight truck is detected at a weigh station, the driver may only be given a ticket. This allows a dangerous truck with an unsafe weight right back on our roadways. Other violators may be detained until an overweight permit is issued or the weight can be reduced somehow.


Truck Accidents, Unsecured Loads, & Overloaded Trailers

An overloaded truck takes longer to stop and is harder to control than one that is carrying a legal load. Overloaded trucks can jackknife or roll over in a sudden traffic maneuver, leading to deadly accidents that can affect vehicles in several lanes of traffic.


Items on a trailer that have not been properly secured can fly off when the truck is traveling at high speed, becoming dangerous missiles that can strike other vehicles. Truck drivers may not even be aware that something has fallen off their trailer and continue driving. In some cases, witnesses come forward to identify the truck that dropped the cargo or equipment that caused an accident or struck a pedestrian.


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